Saturday, April 23, 2016

Shark Fishing

One of my personal favorite types of strictly recreational fishing is shark fishing.  My favorite and most productive place for shark fishing is off the docks of Stiltsville.  I often go out to Stiltsville and stay at the Miami Power Boat Club house all the way at the end of the channel; which makes it a prime location for shark fishing.  Sharks prefer deeper, cooler waters; but at night they move up on the shallow flats surrounding Stiltsville to hunt and pick off easy meals. Sharks are scavengers by nature they search for already dead or dying prey to feed on, they are basically the garbage disposals of the ocean. They commonly are found with strange stomach contents when examined for science (yes they do find the occasional license plate in there stomach).
At Stiltsville you can catch many species of sharks, but most commonly found at Stiltville are Lemons, Bull sharks, Nurse sharks, Sand sharks, and the occasional BlackTip.  Catching a shark is fairly simple; its the reeling them in part that gets kind of complicated sometimes if you're not using the correct tackle or are more of an inexperienced angler.  I prefer to use a large big game class rod, with an 8000 series Penn reel.  When it comes to shark fishing, the proper line and leader is vital.  Minimum 300 yards of 20 lb test line, with a wire or steel cable leader. Personally I prefer using circle hooks to decrease the chance of gut hooking or other injuries to the shark and ensure a safer release for both the angler and shark.

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  1. Shark fishing is super fun! Still kind of spooky that we swim with them though.