Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fresh Water Feature Pt.2 - Peacock Bass

Peacock Bass are an invasive species to South Florida's freshwater lakes and canals.  They are normally found in South America, but were introduced to South Florida freshwater ecosystems in 1984 to prey on other non-native invasive species.  Since Peacock Bass cannot tolerate cold temperatures, they are to found anywhere in the country except Miami - Dade county, Broward county, and Palm Beach county.
Peacock bass can grow up to 100 cm in length and are easily recognizable by their brilliant green and orange coloring, they also feature a distinct eye spot on their tales that resembles the eyes on a peacocks feathers.  In adult fishers (primarily males but occasionally females) a distinct rounded hump can be found protruding from the forehead.
Peacock bass are widely renowned freshwater sport fish; so much so that travel agents even arrange fishing trip to Florida and South America for just the chance to catch one of these fish.  They put up an impressive fight and tend to run the line once they've been hooked.  My personal recommendation for peacock bass is a light and flexible tip rod with a solid backbone, and 5/8 lb test line.  They need some stretch in the line so the lighter the better.  During the mating season which occurs shortly before and during th rainy season, Peacocks become very aggressive especially around their nest, so they will devour practically anything put in front of them.  I prefer live bait such as shiners though, or a bottom water green and orange swimming lure.

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